We’re making some changes to our food truck operations this year! Every year, the food truck scene changes a bit. And sometimes, it changes a lot!

When we first started, the idea was to tweet and post where and when we were going to appear for a service, and we’d show up, throw open our serving window and serve the masses. As time went on and more food trucks came on the scene, different uses for food trucks came about, from private functions to massive festivals to weekly gatherings. The idea of getting out and serving in the streets was quickly falling by the wayside, as demand for (and demands ON) food trucks rose to unmanageable peaks, at least in our case. Not only is the workload of maintaining the emails and requests simply too much to handle, it also seems that everybody wants something more out of the trucks. Ridiculously high vendor fees (it cost us more than $5500 to vend for one weekend, the one year we did at the CNE), unreasonable licensing costs in each municipality (to sell sandwiches at a school in Oakville would have cost us more than $800 in licensing fees for 3 hours of service), different governing agencies seeking to penalize with outrageous costs suited better to huge corporations than struggling small businesses (TSSA, MTO), event organizers seeking every opportunity to take a share in every service the truck provides (Hamilton Wentworth District School Board)… It all amounts to everybody making more money from the food trucks than they make themselves for their very hard work.

It seems to me that the plot has been lost. Chasing the money has not paid off, and it has taken the fun out of running our food truck. After my very tough year battling cancer last year, I made the promise to return to doing what we love to do – operating in the streets, and out in the community. Hence, we’re changing the way we do things. Keep an eye out for more community involvement, right here in our city of Hamilton. And watch for our upcoming Blog series to find out what really goes on behind the scenes of running Gorilla Cheese!

In the meantime, check out our current schedule of upcoming food truck services, and don’t forget to check back often! We’ll be adding services all the time, and we’ll soon be serving near you!

Tuesday, May 29 – Hamilton Bulldogs Thank You Party, City Hall, 11am-2pm

Tuesday, May 29 (AND EVERY TUESDAY THIS SUMMER!) – Holy Food Trucks, 584 Garner Rd. West, 4:30-8pm

Wednesday, May 30 (AND EVERY WEDNESDAY THIS SUMMER!) – Ancaster Business Park, 611 Tradewind Dr. (Audcomp Builkding), 11:30-2pm *With Dobro Jesti!

Wednesday, May 30 (AND EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING THIS SUMMER!– Dinner With A View, East Side of Sam Lawrence Park (Top of Jolley Cut at on Concession at Upper Wellington), 5-8pm